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Sri MahaPeriyava Sannidhi at Mylapore

Punniya Sthalam He Revered

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Mylai Mahaperiyava Anusham Trust

A registered trust now in its successful 8th year, has been celebrating monthly Anusham and Annual Jayanthi with Homams, Paduka, Suvasini, Kanya and Vaduga poojas, Veda parayanam, Spiritual discourses, Bhajans, Musical programs etc. with Grand Procession and Annadhanam. Around 800 devotees attend the celebrations.

Apart from this the trust has been arranging monthly Sulka Panchami Pooja, yearly Yathi Mahalaya Ardanai & Bhiksha vandanam during Mahalaya paksha Dwadasi at Kanchi Sri Mutt.

With growing participation of devotees, the current venue (a flat in North Mada Street) is having Space and other Constraints. Hence we are forced to think in lines of a Bigger and Permanent place, which would be the Place of Worship (i.e.) Temple, hub for all Vedic and cultural activities. Mylapore is the best chosen place for this.

Mylapore and MahaPeriyava

According to Puranas, Mylapore is the auspicious place where Shri Parvathi Devi chose to worship Lord Shiva in the form of peacock and hence the famous saying “Kayilaye Mayilai, Mayilaye Kayilai” equating Mylapore to Kailash...

Temple Project & Appeal

With the blessings of Jagadguru Shri Kanchi Kamakoti Shankaracharya Swamigal, the trust has now identified a house measuring one ground at PITCHU PILLAI STREET near Shri Kapaleeshwarar Temple...


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The Offering towards land is considered as Bhoodhanam


The cost per sq. feet for this project is estimated to be Rs 25000 per sq. feet.


There are also many other ways to contribute...

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