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Mylapore & Mahaperiyava

According to Puranas, Mylapore is the auspicious place where Sri Parvathi Devi chose to worship Lord Shiva in the form of peacock and hence the famous saying "Kayilaye Mayilai, Mayilaye Kayilai" equating Mylapore to Kailash. In "Deivathin Kural", Periyava mentions that Sri Adi Shankara Baghavathpathal during his visit to Thiruvottriyur must have visited this auspicious place too.

Since 1932, Mahaperiyava has graced Chennai Mylapore. During late 1957 to early 1959, he has stayed in Mylapore itself for more than 211 days along with His Prathama Sishya Sri Jayendra Shankara Jayanthi. Moreover, we can say that Mylapore is the birth place of the famous Deivathin Kural, a compilation of periyava's talks by Sri. Ra. Ganapathi.

There are many occasions where Periyava has authencated sanctity of Mylapore to ardent devotees like Ki.Va.Ja's daughter-in-law, Balakrishna Joshi and others.

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