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Mylapore Mahimai

Mylapore has a charisma and holds a special place in our hearts, with heritage and tradition intrinsically woven into it as its identity. Most of our Grandparent generation have an umbilical connection with Shri Kapaleeswarar and Sri Karpagambal, its distinctive milieu inspired composers such as Papanasam Sivan. Walking around the mada veedhis singing bhajanai on Margazhi mornings is a cherished chapter in many of our grandparents Mylapore memoirs.

The area of Mylapore in Chennai holds testimony to this fact, in particular. While the famous “Kapaaleeswarar Temple” for Lord Shiva has been an iconic landmark of Mylapore, there are also Other temples such as the “Kesavaprumal Temple and “Madhava Perumal Temple which are situated in Mylapore and are equally important places of worship. Not to miss are Devi Karpagambal, Mundakakanni Amman and Kolavizhi Amman who are eternally bestowing their divine blessings to the Chennai devotees from Mylapore.

The annual Chariot festival for the 63 Nayanmars held for about 11 days in the month of Panguni is a grand event and it attracts devotees from every nook and corner to be apart of the celebrations. It is therefore neither a surprise, nor an exaggeration thatMayilai is held in esteem as the great Kailash itself. Many enlightened souls and Gurus have walked on our holy land to guide us … ShirdiSai Baba, Vedantha Desikar, Ramakrishna Paramahamsa, Sri Raghavendrar, SriAravindar…. to name a few. There are temples for all those Mahaans in Mylapore.

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