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Aug Events and Updates

Updated: Oct 7, 2023

30th Aug Aavani Aavatam celebration

24th Aug Anusham Celebration

23rd Aug Temple Structure Foundation Pooja


30th Aug Aavani Aavatam celebration

Sravana Upakarma 2023

The auspicious occasion of Sravana Upakarma was celebrated in a grand manner at our Mylai Mahaperiyava Temple, pichu pillai street.

Over 25 people, of varying ages had gathered for the rituals, and actively participated with dedication and enthusiasm.

The Yajur Veda Upakarma which was done in batches was preceeded by the Kalasandhi Deeparadhanai.

Before moving on to the Upakarma homam, Ganesan mama highlighted on the significance and the importance of the rituals involved.

‘Firstly the poojas and the tharpanam we did earlier was to pay our respect and show our gratitude for the many Saints and Rishis like Vedavyasar for revealing and compiling the 4 vedas and for giving us the treasure that we have with us today.’

To conclude with, Sravana Upakarma this year, was celebrated with great fervour and all the rituals were performed with utmost sincerity and dedication. The day ended on an united note that these rituals must be passed on to the forthcoming generations .

24th Aug Anusham

Morning - Avahanthi Homam, Periyava Pooja, Kanya Pooja, Suhasini Pooja

Evening Celebration - Lalitha Sahasranamam, Thiruppugazh bhajan, Periyava Pooja, Veedhi Oola (வீதி உலா).

23rd Aug Temple Structure Foundation Pooja

Devotees from far and wide gathered at the chosen location to partake in a time-honored tradition—the Bhoomi Pooja—marking the auspicious start of construction for the much-anticipated Periyava Temple.


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