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Sep 2023 Events

Updated: Oct 3, 2023

21st Sep 2023 Anusham Celebration

6th September - Krishna Jayanthi Celebration


21st Sep 2023 Anusham Celebration

Morning - Avahanthi Homam, Periyava Pooja, Kanya Pooja, Suhasini Pooja

Evening Celebration - Lalitha Sahasranamam, Thiruppugazh bhajan, Periyava Pooja, Veedhi Oola (வீதி உலா).

Purattasi Anusham Celebration

Devotees at the Mylai Mahaperiyava Temple celebrated Mahaperiyava's Purattasi Anusha Jayanthi with utmost devotion and sincerity.

The day started with Avahanti Homam, done for the prosperity and well being of the world.

Then, Paduka Abhishekam was performed with utmost reverence, which was followed by the Paduka Arcbanai, Naivedyam and Deeparadhanai.

Later, Suhasini Poojai and Kanya Poojai were performed in the usual manner, with absolute dedication.

While the preparations for the Thiruveedhi Ula were going on, a group of about 30 people participated in Thiruppugazh and Lalita Sahasranama Parayanam.

Once the Parayanam got over, Maha Periyava mounted the Garuda Vahanam, ready to go on a procession on the four Mada Veedhis of Mylapore. It was a sight to behold. The procession was lead by a group of Nadhaswaram and Tavil Vidwans, followed by Veda Gosham, Devara Odhuvar and Bhagawathars doing Namasankeerthanam. The entire procession filled the atmosphere with divine energy.

On the way back to the temple, the Sripadam team performed oyyali. While it displayed the devotion of the Sripadam team, it also was a feast to the eyes of the devotees.

Evening Celebration


6th September - Krishna Jayanthi Celebration

Gokulashtami Celebrations

Srikrishna Janmashtami was celebrated with great enthusiasm and devotion at our Mylai Mahaperiyava Temple yesterday.

Mahaperiyava is adorned with yellow samandhi garlands and peacock feathers, reminiscent of our little Krishna’s Peeethambaram and peacock feathers. Lots of children visited the temple, dressed up in colourful clothes and jewellery as Radha and Krishna.

Preceding the Gokulashtami Poojai, was the regular Lalitha Sahasranama Parayanam and Deeparadhanai. Later Poojai began, followed by Archanai, Neivedhyam and Deeparadhanai.

Subsequently, Ganesan mama read the Krishna Avatara Gattam from Srimad Bhagavatham, 10th Skandam, 3rd Sargam. He later narrates the same in simplified terms.

‘This part vividly describes the condition of Vasudevar and Devaki in their prison during Krishna’s birth, the condition of the cruel jailors and the tragic fate of their previous 7 children in the hands of Kamsa. In the eyes of Vasudevar and Devaki, Krishna appears not as a newborn child, but in His Vishwaroopam with Chatur Bhujam, Shanku, Chakram, Gadhayudham, Peethambaram, Srivatsam and Kausthubham. Vasudevar and Devaki instead of fondling and caring for their child, start expressing their adoration through Stotras of 10 and 8 lines respectively. Devaki’s Sthuthi especially is very surprising as She composed stothras and described Krishna in terms of Vedantha, unlike usual mothers.

Later it describes how Yamuna Devi miraculously paves way for Vasudevar and Krishna to cross the river amidst the heavy flood, and how Krishna was switched with Yashoda’s girl child in Gokulam. It also describes how the girl child was Ambal herself and how Kamsa attempted to kill Her, and how She gave him a clue as to where Krishna was actually residing. ‘

The day’s festivities concluded with mama emphasising the importance of our Gurus - Adi Shankaracharya and Mahaperiyava, without whom we would have never come to know about festivals like Krishna Jayanthi, Vinayaka Chaturthi, Navaratri, Shivaratri, etc. Hence is it important for us to celebrate Shankara Jayanthi and Mahaperiyava Jayanthi with double the enthusiasm and double the grandeur.


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